Harry Potter Jenga

Throughout Harry Potter Book Club at the Library, trivia has been a HUGE crowd pleaser! After a while though, making up trivia questions and answers can get old.

Harry Potter Would-You-Rather Jenga was a nice reprieve.

This combines over 100 either/or questions covering front and back of a single Jenga block.

For these questions, I collected from Kimberly Fidler at Get Away Today Vacations, along with inspiration from this Teachers Pay Teachers link.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use all the questions I made since not all the kids had read up to the book that we were set to discuss.

So although we were supposed to be reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, we were actually only openly talking about events pre-Lupin. But it worked out ok! (Except for that one spoiler we let slip that one time.... 😨

 Anyway, it turns out Would You Rather and Jenga are a GREAT mash-up game. Who knew? Let's just hope the tape peals off the wood blocks easily.

For this game we followed standard Jenga rules. The tower was built and we began playing. As each person removed a block, they would answer the Would You Rather question on top and so on.

After a while, the group diverted from the rules and soon, every Would You Rather question became a table top discussion for the group to each answer. 

Questions were taped to both sides of the block so when it came time to rebuild the tower, there would always be a question on the top (this way,  we didn't have to worry about having pieces upside down or not). 

 Click here for a link to my PDF questions.

Or, click the images to enlarge.




  1. How do you play? if your showing us about a game then TELL us how to play. or be rude!

    1. Sorry Molly! I don't mean to be rude. I'll edit this post to share how we played this game. Thanks for your feedback :D

    2. Seems to me that Molly was being the rude one. Rude way to ask how to play the game. Smh. Thanks for sharing your game, Anna!

  2. Question/Suggestion, the PDF print out does not fit the standard size Jenga blocks so I didn't know if there was a special Jenga game you used to fit those questions on the blocks. I had to go ahead a create my own. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Can your image of the Harry Potter Jenga and "Would Your Rather" questions for Jenga be used commercially, specifically in publication of an e-book on thinking positive for children?

  4. Can images that appear on your website be used by a another party for the sole purpose of including them in an e-book for children? The images that the author would like to use are the "Harry Potter 'Would You Rather' questions and the image of the game "Harry Potter Would You Rather, Jenga. IF YOU ARE NOT THE OWNER AND COPYRIGHT HOLDER OF THESE TWO IMAGES, CAN YOU PROVIDE THE NAME OF THE OWNER OF THE IMAGES? Thank you.

  5. Nina, the picture was taken by me during our library book club. The PDF files were created in publisher and the parchment background was something I grabbed online. I don't have a problem with you using these images, but I do cite 2 links that really helped inspire the questions!

  6. A very interesting article. The
    Jenga Giant games are very fun for children and also for not so young.


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